YG Producer Responds To Complaints About Only Promoting BLACKPINK’s Jennie

He responded with his stance in the matter.

With the recent release of BLACKPINK Jennie‘s solo debut, salty netizens have been complaining that YG Entertainment only promotes Jennie out of all the members.


It appears netizens have been bombarding not only the company but its producers about the case. One of YG’s producers took to Instagram to fire back at the false claims.


He revealed that he was only posting about Jennie because her solo track dropped. He explained that he would have done (and will do) the same when the rest of the members release their own solo tracks. He also emphasized that he doesn’t have enough pull in YG Entertainment to only support Jennie.

“I mean, Jennie released her solo track, right? That’s why I’m posting about her, right?

I’m going to post the same when the other members release their solo tracks. So stop telling me that I’m only promoting Jennie.

It’s not even like anything would happen if I pushed for her. I don’t have enough power like that yet.”

— YG Producer


At the end, he revealed that the rest of the BLACKPINK members will be dropping their solo tracks too as it’s only the beginning to their streak of solo projects!

Source: Nate Pann