(★BREAKING) YG Entertainment’s Kush Arrested By Undercover Police In The Act Of Purchasing Cocaine

Producer and hip-hop artist Kush was charged with illegally purchasing drugs.

The police reported that Kush bought 1.8g of cocaine through someone on social media.

Kush went to pick up his purchase through a P.O. box when he was arrested by police officers who were waiting at the scene after receiving an anonymous tip.

Kush admitted to the charges and confessed that he used it for his depression. He also admitted to illegally purchasing drugs on two different occasions.

“I contacted a seller through SNS and completed the transaction.

I’ve made deals twice up until now, and it’s true that I have inhaled drugs.”

— Kush

The police filed for a warrant to search his house but the court denied the request.

“[Kush] admitted to the crimes, and we don’t think he will be trying to escape the charges.

His case will be sent to be prosecuted soon.”

— Police

They will be looking farther into the drug case through Kush’s investigation.

“We’ll be carefully investigating the drug purchase routes and accomplices.

We will then file for arrest warrants.”

— Police

Kush’s label made a statement that they’re looking into the situation.

“We’re checking in the drug charges for Kush.”

— Black Label Entertainment

Source: Sports Donga, Kookmin Ilbo, The Star