YG Producer Teddy Rumored To Be Debuting His Own Girl Group

BLACKPINK may have a baby sister on the way…

Rumor has it that YG Entertainment producer Teddy Park may be debuting his own girl group under The Black Label.

The Black Label is a subsidiary of YG Entertainment and houses stars like Zion.T, Okasian, and Danny Chung (Decipher).


The label is headed by Stony Skunk’s Kush and Teddy Park, the genius behind BLACKPINK‘s Square One and Square Two albums.


Over the past several months The Black Label has held auditions for prospective female trainees, who may be debuting in this rumored group. It is unclear whether these hopefuls will debut, or when, but the following trainees have a good shot at being a part of Teddy Park’s group.


Trainee Moon Jihyo was born in 2001 and, like many idols, attends the School of Performing Arts Seoul.


Rap fans may remember her from High School Rapper.


During that time she went viral as the bubbly “sha-sha” girl.


Although she didn’t advance far in the show, both judges and viewers loved her fresh, feminine style of rapping.


Since Moon Jihyo left the show, her fans have been wondering what she has been up to and are excited to see where The Black Label takes her.


Julie Han, born in 2000, is from Hawaii, USA.


Her 2017 Def Dance Academy audition impressed the judges and earned her a spot under The Black Label.


She had been called “the next Jennie”, and it’s easy to see why. These two beauties could easily be mistaken for sisters.

Credit: Youtube user Roseannebang YG


Like Jennie, Julie Han can sing, dance, and rap, and would be a great fit for any of those positions.


Park Yejin is a well-known former JYP Entertainment trainee. She won the star award at JYP Entertainment’s 12th audition.


Fans instantly fell in love with her adorable visuals and feel that she resembles both Suzy and TWICE’s Nayeon, but has her own unique personality.


When Park Yejin left JYP Entertainment, some fans worried about her future as an idol.


She is rumored to have joined The Black Label, and if those rumors are true she may finally make her debut!


Jo Hwihyeon, born in 2002, is a talented dancer.  In June, she passed Def Dance Academy’s audition for The Black Label.


Fans speculated that she would join the cast of competitors of SIXTEEN (second 2), but that was before she joined The Black Label.


Like Jo Hwihyeon, Oh Jieun passed The Black Label’s audition through Def Dance Academy.


She was born in 2005, making her the label’s youngest female trainee.


Kwon Jihyun is from Vietnam. She passed JST Studio‘s audition for The Black Label back in 2017, but so far not much is known about her.


2001 liner Park Hyunseo is another one of The Black Label’s lesser-known trainees.


Although she was rumored to be auditioning for Produce 48, she never ended up competing on the show.


Is this mysterious girl group BLACKPINK’s future little sister? We will just have to wait and see!