YG Revealed To Be Protecting Sexual Assault Criminal From Going To Jail

It has been revealed Yang Hyun Suk has paid ₩165 million KRW ($154,324 USD) to prevent his former Seo Taiji and Boys group member Lee Juno from going to jail.

Lee Juno has had two separate run-ins with the law, which put him at risk of going to jail for 18 months.

Starting in late 2013, Lee Juno borrowed ₩100 million KRW ($93,540 USD) from Mr. A and ₩65 million KRW ($60,794 USD) from Mr. B. Lee Juno used his status as a celebrity to try and appeal to the two, trying to prove that he would pay them back. Because he did not pay them back, the two sued him for fraud.

In 2016, he was arrested and booked for sexually assaulting two women at a club. The victims told the police he was drunk and grabbed them from behind, touching their breasts and back. When he was being taken out of the club, he also hit the owner.

Last year, his trial took into account both offenses and he was sentenced to 18 months in jail. During the second trial, however, his final punishment was probation.

Lee Juno’s lawyer commented it was because of Yang Hyuk Suk that Lee Juno avoided jail time.

“Yang Hyun Suk CEO paid off Lee Juno’s debt. We can’t disclose the amount or the circumstances behind it.”

— Kang Jung Jin (Lee Juno’s lawyer)