YG Reveals Plans To Debut A New Girl Group In 2018, BLACKPINK fans furious

YG Entertainment officially announced its top-secret plans to debut a new girl group and BLINKs are furious.

Although YG Entertainment has not specified any details, they are expecting the group to debut in 2018.

“We’re expecting to launch a new girl group in 2018.

Yang Hyun Seok is producing this in top secret, so nothing about their plans or concept has been revealed.”

— YG Entertainment Representative

BLINKs became worried by the news as BLACKPINK only recently debuted and may suffer from reduced focus and exposure.

While BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, they have only released 5 songs to date, and they were all digital singles.

Despite their popularity, the only song they have released this year is “As If It’s Your Last”, and they don’t even have a full album released yet.

In fact, while YG Entertainments’ plans for new groups are confirmed, BLACKPINK does not have any known schedule for releasing an album next year.

This has led many fans to complain that it is too early for YG Entertainment to create another girl group, especially considering not enough attention is being given to BLACKPINK.

YG Entertainment has assured fans that the new girl group will have a completely different concept, but this has done little to comfort BLINKs.

Source: Onsen