YG Shocks Fans with a Poster That Only Shows Three BLACKPINK Members

Fans are wondering if that was necessary.

On January 28, YG uploaded a BLACKPINK concert poster on Twitter which received a lot of attention.

What surprised the fans was the optical illusion that was spotted on the poster.

It was just an ordinary poster announcing BLACKPINK’s Europe tour dates, but the photo above the dates startled fans everywhere.

If you look at the photo, it looks like there are only three members, but if you look closely, one member is hiding behind the one in the center.

This is the same formation they’re in at the beginning of their song, “Boombayah”.

When the song begins, Jennie stands behind the other three members.

It might not have been intentional, but fans are wondering why they had to use that particular image, and wishing that all four members could be seen.

“People might think there are only three members in BLACKPINK.”

“Thank goodness it’s not Lisa. If it was Lisa that was covered, things could have gotten crazy.”

“Why did they use that photo? I guess everyone thinks the same way.”


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