YG Songwriter Says Seungri Was Kicked Out Of YG Than Leaving Voluntarily

He left a subtle confirmation through his Insta-story.

A songwriter under YG Entertainment’s sub-label, THE BLACK LABEL, commented about BIGBANG Seungri‘s recent departure from YG Entertainment.

In his Insta-story, YGM posted a screenshot of a comment claiming that Seungri was “fooling around by telling people that he voluntarily left when he was actually kicked out.” YGM commented, “Real“.

After seeing this alleged confirmation that Seungri was expelled, netizens left comments on his Instagram belittling Seungri.

  • “How bad was he even at the company that he’d upload this”
  • “Seungri must’ve lived as trash, not as Gatsby.”
  • “He must’ve been a card to throw away.”
  • “A bold hit”
  • “They’re not protecting him.”
  • “I laughed so hard at this”

Within a couple of hours after his post, YG’s songwriter deleted his Instagram account without any explanation.

Source: DongA Ilbo and Money Today

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