Here’s Everything We Know About YG’s New 13-Member Group “Treasure 13” So Far

Treasure and Magnum will be promoting as a single group, Treasure 13.

YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk has revealed that their two new boy groups, Treasure and Magnum, will be debuting as a single 13-member boy group called Treasure 13.

On February 7, Yang Hyun Suk revealed his plans to debut the two final teams of YG Treasure Box as one group:

This may come as a shock to fans but I initially wanted a 13-member group.

More specifically, we plan to debut the 13 members under the name “Treasure 13” first. The reason we didn’t not select members for “Treasure 13” and split them into two groups was in consideration of our experience with our 7-member group, iKON. When creating a group with over 7 members, the parts of the song that each member can participate in is very small and the fact that they are forced to come down from the stage without being able to sing many lines is a clear disadvantage and limit.

As a result, we plan to increase the capacity and importance of each individual through the group activities of “Treasure 13” and through the separate activities of the two groups.

The greatest benefit of the 7 members who were selected first is the fact that they gain the name “Treasure” and although the two teams will begin on two separate boats, the destination they are heading towards is the same.

ㅡ Yang Hyun Suk


According to the YG CEO, Treasure 13 is expected to make their debut from May to July and the activities of Treasure and Magnum will follow the debut.

The first debut of “Treasure 13” is expected to be in May to July of this year and we plan help “Treasure 13” achieve rapid growth through aggresive and consistent releases of new tracks.

After the successful debut of “Treasure 13”, the activities of “Treasure” and “Magnum” will follow.

ㅡ Yang Hyun Suk


Special broadcasts are also underway and will be broadcast before their official debut.

The line announcer Jang Sung Kyu often used on “YG Treasure Box” was, “Open the treasure box.”

Using this as the name of the program, we are preparing a broadcast that contains the debut preparations and daily lives of the 13 members.

We plan to offer easy access to global fans through broadcasts based on the internet such as V Live and Youtube, just like “YG Treasure Box” and also plan to add various other platforms.

ㅡ Yang Hyun Suk


Treasure 13’s fan club name is “Treasure Maker”.

We plan to unify the fan club names of the three teams into one.

The fan club name will be the name that was most used during the broadcast, “Treasure Maker”. We believe this is the most appopriate name as the growth and success of “Treasure 13”  will be experienced together with fans.

ㅡ Yang Hyun Suk


The Treasure 13 members will be not be encouraged to participate in the producing of their own songs.

In terms of the time period, BIGBANG was YG’s 1st generation boy group, WINNER and iKON our 2nd generation and Treasure 13 our 3rd generation boy group.

The similarity between Treasure 13’s seniors is that they were “artist-idols” or “self-producing idols”, who participated in the writing and composition of all their songs.

In Treasure 13’s case, we do not plan to encourage the members to participate in the writing and composition of their songs and plan to actively utilize the specialized production teams of YG. While the artists participating in the production of their own songs is a great advantage, if the busy members do not have the time to do so or if the tracks are unsatisfactory, their hiatus becomes that much longer.

Our main producer Teddy as well as the producers of The Black Label are responsible for all of BLACKPINK’s music. In the same way, approximately 30 music producers from YG, The Black Label and the recently-established YGX will participate in Treasure 13’s music to create a speedy production structure.

ㅡ Yang Hyun Suk


Yang Hyun Suk concluded by asking fans for their support and hinting at the upcoming news of BLACKPINK’s new song.

Thank you for your support and interest in the successful debut and growth of Treasure 13.

I will return tomorrow with news of BLACKPINK’s new song.

ㅡ Yang Hyun Suk

Source: Osen