YG Will Personally Be Debuting A New Girl Group Soon

Following the announcement that YG will be debuting a new boy group next year led by Bang Ye Dam, the agency announced that a new girl group will be following soon.

The not yet named new girl group is predicted to debut simultaneously with the boy group, which would be a first in YG’s history.

According to inside sources, the new group will be conceptually and visually completely different from BLACKPINK!

The members were hand picked from more than 50 trainees.

Seeing from how game-changing 2NE1 was and how BLACKPINK’s quickly garnered international fandom, fans of YG Entertainment are excited to see meet new girl group.

 According to a source connected to the label, details regarding the new girl group have not yet been confirmed because the group’s Yang Hyun Suk’s personal secret project.

“It’s Yang Hyun Suk’s personal hidden project, so I can’t comment on the details or the definite debut date.”

— Source in YG

We’ll just have to wait and see what they’re all about!