YG’s The Black Label Just Signed This 10 Year Old Korean-American Model

She’s only 10 but has years of experience already.

Rumors flew wild about 10 year old Korean-American model Ella Gross signing with YG Entertainment‘s THE BLACK LABEL after she posted a picture with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and tagged the label’s Instagram account.

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THE BLACK LABEL has just confirmed that Ella Gross has indeed signed a contract with them.

“We recently signed an exclusive with Ella Gross, who has been working as a global fashion brand model and has been garnering lots of attention.”



Ella Gross is still 10 years old (11 in Korean Age) but has been modeling for much of her young life. THE BLACK LABEL is focusing in on her potential as a model as well as her many talents including singing, dancing, and playing instruments such as the guitar.

“She has a special voice and has the talent to become a singer.”

— Teddy


Many people are looking forward to how she develops her talents and skills for her future debut!

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A post shared by Ella G. 🦋 (@ellagross) on


Source: Herald Pop