YG’s Worst Nightmare Comes To Life As “Mix Nine” Drops To The Lowest Rating, 0.9% Viewership

It seems like Yang Hyun Suk’s marketing strategy is not working with the Korean viewers as JTBC’s trainee survival show MIXNINE just received the lowest rating ever.

According to Nielsen Korea’s rating survey, MIXNINE scored a 0.958% rating for its November 26 episode, a steep downward trend from 1.301% the previous week.

Source: @OH_mes

Before the broadcast began, the collaboration between Yang Hyun Suk and the star producer Han Dong Chul (who created Mnet’s Produce 101) received tons of buzz from netizens.

Just a few weeks into broadcasting, however, fans are neglecting the survival show citing inconsistency and lack of excitement.


While experts claim that this is part of the downward trend for audition survival shows in general, Yang Hyun Suk’s questionable choices on the show likely didn’t help the ratings either.

” I could not believe that Shin Ryujin was at 55th place, the judges have no basis for what they are looking for. They are just abusing the power of a big label agency…”

“I liked MIXNINE at first, but as it progressed, I came to think of it as a total flop.”

“I did not even know that Louie and Goo Ara were in it until yesterday! Sigh…. What are they doing to them?”

“The producer is having a battle with the fans here. He does not show the contestants who are placed high, and only shows the ones he likes. Lee Soomin, for example, had total of 4 seconds of air time in episode 4 and 0 air time in the 5th episode.”

— Fan Reactions to MIXNINE

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Netizens think that the unnecessarily harsh comments doled out by Yang Hyun Suk were a ratings grab and that he failed to come across as genuine in his critique.

Netizens furious over YG’s harsh remarks on a female “Mix Nine” contestant

Yang Hyun Suk has surely heard the feedback from fans and many think this might turn things around for the show.

Viewers will have to wait and see if they can produce a miracle to turn things around from their 0th percentile viewer rating and save the show.

Source: Nate