[★BREAKING] Yoo Ah In diagnosed with bone tumor

Yoo Ah In has been confirmed to be diagnosed with a bone tumor, according to his agency and media reports. 

The actor was diagnosed with having a bone tumor after a check-up by medical professionals in relation to his military enlistment.

His agency, UAA Entertainment confirmed the diagnosis in a quick statement released to the public. 

“It’s true that Yoo Ah In has been diagnosed with a bone tumor. At the moment we cannot say whether or not it is serious. This is a sensitive matter because it’s a personal one.”

— UAA Entertainment

A bone tumor is a tumor that develops in the bones and includes any cartilage associated with it. Tumors usually appear in the joint of the bones and if not serious, can be treated regularly and it can be surgically removed.

This is the latest update to the 30-year-old actor’s medical condition after a series of unfortunate health problems.

Yoo Ah In was preparing for his enlistment and has repeatedly expressed that he wishes to complete South Korea’s mandatory enlistment requirements.

However, a shoulder injury that he has been recovering from resulted in his military service being postponed. He was told to come for a checkup in 2017 in order for his enlistment to be reviewed once again.

The actor postponed multiple projects and CF’s in order to fulfill the enlistment requirements but was told by the military that he would be unable to until medical officials cleared him.

It appears the latest update to Yoo Ah In’s health conditions will result in an indefinite postponement of his enlistment.

Source: Star News