Yoo Ah In Is Attacked By Bottle Thrown By Disgruntled Civilian

The actor was attacked while leaving the police station.

Actor Yoo Ah In, who is alleged to have abused drugs, was hit with a coffee bottle while leaving a holding cell.

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On May 24, a judge from the Central Seoul Court rejected an arrest warrant for Yoo Ah In, freeing the actor from his holding cell in Mapo, Seoul.

While walking to his car, the actor, who was surrounded by bodyguards, was hit by a coffee bottle. The actor reacted in shock and quickly turned around, but his bodyguard led him forward to his car.


On this day, the actor expressed his regrets for having abused drugs and stated he would cooperate faithfully during the rest of his investigation.

I will cooperate faithfully in the remaining processes and reveal all that I can. I regret (using drugs). I don’t think it is a decision I can make (on whether he should have been arrested). I respect the court’s decision and am thankful.

— Yoo Ah In

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Source: theqoo
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