Yoo Ah In’s Management To Take Legal Action Regarding Unconfirmed Fake News

They are greatly disappointed to see such large media outlets releasing news like this.

Actor Yoo Ah In’s agency refuted some recent media reports and revealed they would take strong legal action as needed. Below is the official statement.

Hello, this is UAA. First, we apologize for causing concern with the unpleasant matter regarding actor Yoo Ah In. Yoo Ah In and the agency have refrained from commenting on the contents of the investigation while the police investigation is ongoing. He also said in the previous statement that there is no change in his position and that he will diligently participate in the investigation and accept all punishments.

However, we would like to correct the facts regarding situations in which unconfirmed investigation details, which are the principle of non-disclosure, are disclosed to the media for unknown reasons, and news of unconfirmed content is continuously disseminated and spread.

On April 11, two independent reports regarding Yoo Ah In were released.

*April 11 Kukmin Ilbo “Yoo Ah In At Itaewon Club Every Week With Models-Celebrities…Drug Suspicion”

*April 11 Yonhap News TV “Yoo Ah In Overdose Of Zolpidem…Fifth Type Of Drug Use”

First, we would like to explain the exclusive article released by Kukmin Ilbo.

This article was written solely based on informant A’s perspective. It was also reported through speculation without any fact-checking of the sightings. The report has already spread through other media outlets with stimulating headlines such as ‘shock’ and ‘revelation,’ making it look like he was exposed to drugs every week.

Kukmin Ilbo stated, ‘He didn’t order much alcohol, but there were many responses that he acted strange because he was excessively drunk,’ and ‘he smoked in a corner, but it smelled different from the usual cigarette smell,’ etc.

We would like to ask how Kukmin Ilbo verified informant A’s claim. The clubs we checked were not allowed to smoke indoors and had separate open smoking area. We express disappointment that a large media outlet such as Kukmin Ilbo reported something without fact-checking, solely based on someone’s speculation.

Accordingly, we plan to take legal action in relation to the Kukmin Ilbo report.

Next is the report by Yonhap News TV regarding Zolpidem.

It is true that he has been taking sleeping pills for a long time due to his sleep disorder. He has also taken sleeping pills with that ingredient in them in the past. However, for the past six months, he has replaced the sleeping pills with other ingredients and has never used them for any purpose other than sleeping. The authenticity of the case will be revealed in the police investigation.

Separately, related investigations, which are kept confidential, are continuously being disclosed to the media. As a result, we express serious concern about the reality that allegations that have not even been confirmed are spreading as if they were confirmed facts.

There are some parts of the facts that should be more clear about he other charges against Yoo Ah In, but in the current situation where the police investigation continues, we do not think this is the right action to the investigation agency. However, we will actively respond, including legal action, to serious fake news unrelated to the contents of the police investigation and unconfirmed and indiscriminate style reports. Thank you for your understanding.

Source: newsen