Actor Yoo Ah In Is Found To Have Abused Fifth Drug Zolpidem

The drug is known to be very addictive.

Yoo Ah In, who is currently being investigated for his illegal drug use, reportedly abused another drug, Zolpidem.

Yoo Ah In | Naver Post

This brings the number of total drugs that the actor had allegedly abused to five. The police are reportedly planning on calling in the actor to investigate further.

Zolpidem is another drug that is available via medical practices akin to drugs, Propofol and Ketamine, which the actor tested positive for. According to reports, the drug is used to treat insomnia, but due to it being addictive, doctors aren’t allowed to prescribe more than 10mg to patients per day. According to reports, police have raided the medical facilities that prescribed the actor Zolpidem.

Unrelated picture of prescription drugs for illustration purposes | Unsplash

According to reports, when the actor was tested for drugs in February, Zolpidem was not one of the drugs that the actor was tested for, but after looking at the actor’s prescription records, police found enough cause to determine that the actor had abused the drugs.

Actor Yoo Ah In is reportedly denying some of the allegations. During police investigations, Yoo Ah Im is said to have admitted partially to allegations that he abused marijuana, but the actor is claiming that his Propofol and Ketamine uses were legitimately for treatment. The actor is said to have denied using cocaine.



Source: yonhap news
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