Yoo Ah In Tests Positive For Marijuana

The actor is currently under investigation for misusing Propofol.

Yoo Ah In is reported to have tested positive for marijuana.

Yoo Ah In | Korea Times

On February 10, news outlet Hankook Ilbo reported that actor Yoo Ah In, who is currently being investigated for the illegal misuse of the drug Propofol, tested positive for marijuana while testing negative for Propofol.

According to one expert, a positive test most likely means that the actor had recently used marijuana. The article also states that Propofol leaves the system within four days.

Marijuana’s THC doesn’t appear on tests 7-10 days after it is last used. It appears he has recently used marijuana.

— Unnamed expert

Due to the positive test, reports state that the police have opened an investigation into the actor’s marijuana use.

Earlier, Yoo Ah In shocked the Korean entertainment industry when it was revealed that he was being investigated for the illegal misuse of the drug Propofol.

Actor Yoo Ah In Is Being Investigated For The Illegal Use Of Propofol

At the time, Yoo Ah In’s agency confirmed the actor was participating in all investigations.

This is UAA.
Yoo Ah In was recently investigated by the police regarding Propofol.
He is actively participating in all of the investigations related to this case, and we plan to intently explain the issues that may arise.
We apologize for causing an inconvenience.


Stay tuned for updates.

Source: hankook ilbo
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