Top Actress’s Luxury Apartment Auctioned Off By Creditors

The actress could have lost over a million dollars.

Yoo In Na‘s home has been auctioned off due to her landlord’s debts.

Yoo In Na

On November 7, E-Daily reported that Yoo In Na’s apartment, which she is renting through Jeonse, was listed on an auction due to debts owned by her landlord.

Jeonse is a renting system unique to Korea in which rather than paying a monthly rent, renters pay a large down payment to landlords. Once the Jeonse term ends, the landlords will return the Jeonse payment back to the renter. Yoo In Na reportedly had paid ₩2.00 billion KRW (about $1.53 million USD) for her Jeonse.

Unrelated photo for illustrative purposes | Seoul Kyungjae TV

According to reports, Yoo In Na’s landlords couldn’t pay the mortgage on the apartment in April, and the home was foreclosed. After learning of this, Yoo In Na applied for her Jeonse to be returned to her in June. In most cases, when an apartment is auctioned off, the Jeonse is used to pay back the creditors. Thankfully, Yoo In Na’s landlords settled their debts on November 7, which means the actress’s down payment should be returned to her.

Meanwhile, reports state that Yoo In Na’s apartment is worth ₩4.41 billion KRW (about $3.38 million USD) on the open market. Recently, renters losing their Jeonse has become a national issue. There have been many cases where renters have lost their Jeonse down payments after landlords forfeit their homes to creditors, sometimes deliberately.

Victims of Jeonse fraud demonstrate | Seoul Shinmun
Source: spotv news