Actor Yoo Seung Ho Opens Up About His Insecurities Regarding His Weight

He also revealed how he was finally able to find confidence in himself despite his complexes!

Actor Yoo Seung Ho opened up about a certain dilemma of his!

Yoo Seung Ho recently shot a pictorial for GQ Korea, for which he showed off his firm arm muscles as he rocks a more masculine and mature style.

He also sat down for an accompanying interview, where he opened up about a certain complex of his- his weight!

Ever since I was young, not being able to gain weight was my dilemma. After completing the drama Memorist last year, I started to work out and slowly began to notice changes to my body and muscle.

—Yoo Seung Ho

After he began to work out, Yoo Seung Ho revealed that it was then that he realized that he could definitely change if he wanted to, by putting in the effort required! Crediting his newfound confidence to exercise, he also shared that he’s now ready to take on any challenge that’s thrown at him!

I started to gain confidence and I began to think positively. I turned 29 this year and have gained confidence from working out, so I am open to new challenges.

I plan to try things that new things and break out of my comfort zone.

—Yoo Seung Ho

Good on Yoo Seung Ho for finding his inner confidence!

Source: Insight Korea