Yoo Seung Jun To Make First Comeback In 17 Years, Netizens Still Can’t Forgive Him

Netizens are not having it.

Yoo Seung Jun has revealed on November 21 that he will be releasing an album for the first time in 11 years.


Yoo Seung Jun has participated in the writing of all the tracks in the upcoming album, which consists of songs of various genres, and his title track, “Another Day”, will drop before the album release date on November 22.


In addition to the fact that this is his first Korean comeback in 17 years, the album is more significant because of the fact that all the profits from the album will be donated for a good cause.

“All the profits from this album will be donated. They will be used for a good cause.”

ㅡ Yoo Seung Jun’s Agency


Despite the good intentions of the singer and his new album, Korean netizens are anything but welcoming towards Yoo Seung Jun. Yoo Seung Jun used to be one of the best selling, if not the best selling artist in the late 90’s to early 2000’s, but because of his military drafting scandal, he was banned from South Korea and ostracized by Korean fans and netizens.

This Korean Singer Was A Best Selling Artist, Now He’s Banned From The Country


Yoo Seung Jun had given up his Korean citizenship to acquire an American one in 2002, which removed his military service obligation. This led to his banishment, however, because he had previously promised to enlist on multiple platforms.


Netizens were already extremely disappointed at the singer and were not forgiving, but it was made worse when he streamed a video of himself making an apology. He cried as he confessed that he would fulfill his military service if it meant he could return to South Korea.


The camera was then turned off, but the audio had apparently been kept on and audiences claim that he had cursed after the video ended. It was later revealed that the voices from the audio clip belonged to the staff members and not Yoo Seung Jun, yet netizens did not hesitate to jump on him once again, doubting his sincerity in the video.


Yoo Seung Jun has since continued to file multiple lawsuits against various institutions to lift his ban on his entry to South Korea, only to be rejected each time.


16 years after his military drafting incident, Korean netizens still cannot forgive the singer and continue to attack him for his past actions.

  • “We don’t need to donation so don’t come to Korea”
  • “Why does he keep trying to come back? You have to call him Steve Yoo, not Yoo Seung Jun”
  • “Isn’t there no space for him here? There hasn’t been for a long time…”
  • “He can’t enter Korea anyway. Why do they keep writing about him every time we’re about to forget about it. He must be paying them”
  • “No thanks. Trying to give a little donation and make your way back into Korea, no thank you. Also, how much more do you plan to take away. I heard you’re making good money in China. Go work there”
  • “Please don’t come”
  • “I’m sorry…but we don’t need any donations, do we? We don’t really want to see him”
  • “Do you even have any fans?”
  • “He sold his son, cursed and filed lawsuits to restore his Korean citizenship so that he won’t have to pay American tax and now he wants to make a donation? Give me a break, you mean he’ll donate it in America”
  • “He’ll probably break this promise to donate the profits too! Beware!”


With his ban still in effect, Yoo Seung Jun is still unable to enter South Korea.

Source: TV Report and Dispatch