Yoo In Suk Sells Out Seungri, Confirms He Solicited Prostitution To Japanese Businessmen

His partner in crime confirmed it.

In a turn of events, Yoo In Suk confirmed during his latest round of intense police investigations that Seungri did in fact solicit prostitution for Japanese businessmen in 2015.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency summoned both Seungri and Yoo In Suk for investigations on April 23 and 24, where Yoo In Suk testified that Seungri paid for prostitutes for them.

Seungri called female prostitutes and paid them to be with the Japanese businessmen in 2015.

— Yoo In Suk

Police have confirmed that he spent around ₩30 million KRW ($25,945 USD) on accommodations at a famous hotel in Seoul, where the sex services were provided, using a YG Entertainment corporate credit card.

The police state Seungri and Yoo In Suk entertained between 7-9 Japanese businessmen on December 24, 2015. They stayed in a 5-star hotel while Yoo In Suk called at least 10 women to be with them day and night. Sometimes, two women would go into a Japanese businessman’s room at the same time.

Seungri has continued to deny any involvement in prostitution solicitation.

I received a warm welcome to the Japanese businessmen, so to repay them back, I provided them their living quarters to stay at, but I don’t know if there was any prostitution that took place.

— Seungri

YG Entertainment have also commented on Seungri using their corporate card for the hotel expenses, deny the police report.

The YG corporate card, which was reported to have been used by Seungri regarding his matters in 2015, is not related to this incident. Seungri shouldered the burden of his personal expenses with his own money.

— YG Entertainment

Source: Sports Chosun and TV Daily

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