Yook Sung Jae Low-Key Calls Out Cube’s Lack Of Marketing For His Solo Debut Album

His fans pointed it out and he immediately reacted.

BTOB‘s Yook Sung Jae held a live video to celebrate his solo debut album, and low-key called out his agency, Cube Entertainment, for their lack of promotions.

The background panel of his live video had a unique design where a long message was deciphered by a series of words in Chinese characters.

The background read, “Our Sung Jae is cute. Do whatever you want to do. God-gifted visuals, world-class swag, shining brighter than a dragon. You can call it obsession but from whatever angle, you have to agree.” (Basic translation)

When a fan asked who made the brilliant poster, Yook Sung Jae explained that their video team made it for his celebration. The fans replied that it seems like the video team is the only team in Cube that are doing their jobs!

And Yook Sung Jae immediately burst into laughter!

He pointed out that the video team was also clapping and laughing in the background! He didn’t directly acknowledge it but he didn’t disagree with the fan either.

Yook Sung Jae’s first solo album was released yesterday, and Melodys are upset that Cube did not do enough promotions for his album.

Despite the lack of or not, Yook Sung Jae’s title track “Come With The Wind” has been ranking in the Top 50 of music charts!

Check out his music video below:

Source: Nate Pann