Yoon Ji Oh Claims There Are Five More Actors Who Knew What Happened To Jang Ja Yeon

She urges them to come forward.

Yoon Ji Oh has been pleading the case of her late friend and colleague Jang Ja Yeon for over 10 years. Jang Ja Yeon committed suicide in 2009 and she left behind a note that said she was forced to have sex with countless media executives to keep her job.

The case has come back into the public eye because the statute of limitations deadline has been extended until May while investigators uncover more information.

On an episode of Every Detail, Yoon Ji Oh gave her thoughts about statements made by Lee Mi Sook, who Yoon Ji Oh claims knew about what was happening to Jang Ja Yeon. Lee Mi Sook initially denied any knowledge of what happened but she has since said she was just being careful about her words and will submit to further questioning.

Yoon Ji Oh says she knows about more witnesses than just Lee Mi Sook. She had this to say:

She is one of them. There are five more people I know, not including Lee Mi Sook, who worked in the entertainment industry who were possibly closer to Jang Ja Yeon than I was. There are five people in addition to Lee Mi Sook who know what happened.

– Yoon Ji Oh

In direct response to Lee Mi Sook, Yoon Ji Oh said:

I am very sorry to Lee Mi Sook. I had no choice but to mention her directly. She said she would participate in the investigation and for that I am very grateful.

– Yoon Ji Oh

Yoon Ji Oh is being careful about mentioning the people she believes had knowledge of the situation because it is a big risk to them. She urges them to participate in the investigation privately as they know more than she does about what happened.