Yoon Jisung Couldn’t Attend Wanna One’s 2 Year Anniversary Dinner, So He Did The Next Best Thing Possible

The class of Wanna One’s leader.

Wanna One‘s 2 year anniversary was yesterday, August 7, and while they were not able to have all 11 members present, the members who were available did gather at a location near Gocheok Sky Dome, a place that holds a lot of memories for them.

Yoon Jisung was unable to attend because he is currently serving in the military, but he still made his presence known at the meeting. Because he knew about the yearly August 7 meeting in advance, he expressed his desire to pay for the dinner to one of his managers. According to the insider, Yoon Jisung paid for the entire dinner without telling any of the Wanna One members or even his agency. It was his surprise event, where he wanted to show his heart to Wanna One, even though he wasn’t there in person.

On June 19, his last update from the military, Yoon Jisung uploaded a picture of himself, and expressed how Wanna One will be forever, and thanked the fans. He also tagged all of the members in Korean, English, and Chinese.

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Park Jihoon posted a photo at night early August 8, which could have been from the gathering, with a simple “Wanna One forever.”

Ha SungwoonΒ also posted on his personal Twitter account, saying how much he missed the members, and he will forever be thankful.

It was also reported that Kang Daniel, who recently was revealed to have been dating TWICE‘s Jihyo, did not attend the gathering. It reportedly was difficult for him to attend because he did not communicate with the members recently due to his lawsuit with LM Entertainment. However, Lai Guanlin, who recently told Cube Entertainment he wanted to terminate his contract, flew into Korea the same day and attended the gathering.

Source: Ilgan Sports