Yoon Jisung Shares First Handwritten Letter To Fans Since His Military Enlistment

He gave his fans an update on his military life.

Yoon Jisung has sent his fans a handwritten letter to share how his life has been since enlisting in the military.

Yoon Jisung enlisted in the military on May 14th before releasing his latest single, “Winter Flower”.


On May 24, LM Entertainment posted his letter on his official fan cafe.

Hello, BABALs. It’s Jisung.

Are you all doing well? You’ve probably listened to ‘Winter Flower’ by now. How is it? Is it good?

I’ve been eating and doing well. The food is better than I thought too. I’m doing well without being sick so BABALs don’t be sick either.

How is the time out there? Does it go by fast? The time here goes by very slowㅎㅎ I sometimes wonder if the clock is broken^^

But I’m still happy that I’m living a routine lifestyle after having lived an irregular lifestyle until now. I feel like I’m becoming more healthy.

I am filled with anticipation and excitement every day as I think about what I will show BABALs after my discharge.

I’ll be healthy and come back to you soon.


I’ll write again next time.

See you again

ㅡ BABAL Captain, Yoon Jisung


Fans were very excited to hear from Yoon Jisung after just a week into his enlistment and reassured that he is doing and eating well!

Source: Newsen