Yoon Jisung Is Making Netizens’ Jaws Drop With His Incredible Physique In Recent Shirtless Photos

“I rarely say this about males, but god-damn he is one kind of beautiful species.”

Though Yoon Jisung was the oldest member of Wanna One — he was 26 at the time they debuted — he usually gave off a cute, sweet, youthful image that didn’t make his age stand out at all.

Yoon Jisung during his Wanna One days | Swing Entertainment

Not too long after Wanna One disbanded in December 2018, Jisung went on to complete his military service, starting in May 2019 and returning to the K-Pop industry in late 2020. As a soloist, he has released 4 albums, with his latest released almost a year ago in April 2022.

| DG Entertainment

Despite his pretty quiet schedule over the last year, though, Jisung keeps his fans regularly updated on his life on his personal Instagram account, and a recent post on there has caught the attention of a lot of people due to his surprisingly bulky physique!

In a series of photos, Jisung can be seen relaxing in a pool in what seems to be a tropical location.

| @_yoonj1sung_/Instagram

Without a shirt, his broad shoulders and strong chest are fully on display, much to the delight of his fans!

| @_yoonj1sung_/Instagram
| @_yoonj1sung_/Instagram

And many of said fans aren’t shy about sharing their appreciation for his body on the Instagram post.

| @_yoonj1sung_/Instagram
| @_yoonj1sung_/Instagram

The photos made their way onto a post on an online forum, where netizens have also shared their compliments for his impressive physique and overall handsome visuals in the comments!

It seems like Jisung is happy and healthy and enjoying a nice vacation, and hopefully fans will get new music from him again before too long!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa
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