Yoon Jisung Gets Together With Former Wanna One Members Ahead Of Military Enlistment

Wanna One will always be one!

Yoon Jisung recently met up with fellow former Wanna One members ahead of his military enlistment next week.

On May 9, television personality Hong Seok Cheon shared an Instagram post which included photos of Yoon Jisung, Ha Sungwoon and Ong Sungwoo. He wished Yoon Jisung well in his upcoming enlistment in the caption.

Such admirable guys. Wanna One Jisung is enlisting in the military next week. His amazing dongsaengs (younger friends) quickly came over. You have so many great people around you and I wish you a safe return from the military. I’m treating you guys to the meal today. I’ll treat you during your vacation too.”

ㅡ Hong Seok Cheon


Wanna One officially disbanded on December 31, 2018 and held their final concert as a group on January 27, 2019 but it seems evident that the members are still just as close.


Just last month, fans spotted AB6IX‘s Woojin and Daehwi and HOTSHOT‘s Sungwoon supporting Hwang Minhyun at a NU’EST concert.


While Wanna One has halted their promotions, the members are proving that they will forever be one!

Meanwhile, Yoon Jisung held a special fan meeting “Dear diary” on May 4-5th ahead of his enlistment on May 14.

Source: Sports Today

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