Actor Yoon Jong Hoon Confessed His Role On “The Penthouse” Was A Challenge For Him

He is an amazing actor!

Rising actor Yoon Jong Hoon recently did a pictorial with @star1 magazine on December 18 and gave some insight on his challenge of acting in The Penthouse.

Yoon Jong Hoon’s character, Ha Yoon Cheol, has a daughter with his cruel wife, Cheon Seo Jin (played by Kim So Yeon). As Cheon Seo Jin’s husband, Ha Yoon Cheol is quite unhappy and mistreated.

In contrast to his character, Yoon Jong Hoon in real life is single and does not have any children. According to Yoon Jong Hoon, that was his biggest challenge.

As an unmarried man, acting like a married man with children was not easy. At first, I was worried and burdened. I asked Bong Tae Gyu for advice and received a lot of help.

— Yoon Jong Hoon

While on the topic of marriage, the magazine interviewer asked Yoon Jong Hoon about his thoughts on marriage, but it appears that he is content with being single:

As of right now, I don’t have any plans to get married yet. I think I’m most comfortable being on my own. If I do get married, I want it to happen after I turn 40.

— Yoon Jong Hoon

Have you watched The Penthouse?