Yoon Jong Shin to release “Birdman” single for monthly project

Continuing his monthly single project, singer-songwriter and music producer Yoon Jong Shin will be releasing the single “Birdman” in just a few days.

Uncovering the jacket album to his February 2015 single, he reveals that it was created by artist Kim Si Hun. Various items such as a puppet, a light bulb, a crown, and car keys create the form of a pair of wings.

Following the release of the jacket album, Yoon Jong Shin then updated fans on February 24th that the music video filming was well-under way, writing, “Yoon Jong Shin monthly February Birdman M/V shooting..Myeong-dong alley.. It’s been a long time.. #YoonJongShinMonthly #Birdman.”

“Birdman” will be released on February 27th throughout various online music sites.

월간윤종신 2월호 Birdman 커버아티스트 김시훈 작가와 월간대담중.. #김시훈 #월간윤종신 #birdman

Posted by Yoon Jong Shin on Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 월간 윤종신 2월호 BIRDMAN 음원이 2월27일 정오에 공개됩니다.커버 아티스트는 김시훈 작가입니다.영화 버드맨을 보고 저와 김시훈 작가가 음악과 회화로 감상을 표현해보았습니다. #월간윤종신 #김시훈 #birdman #버드맨

Posted by Yoon Jong Shin on Monday, February 23, 2015

월간윤종신 2월호 버드맨 M/V 촬영중..명동 뒷골목..오랜만이네.. #월간윤종신 #버드맨 #birdman

Posted by Yoon Jong Shin on Monday, February 23, 2015