Yoon Jongshin Writes a Song for BTS That They Might Not Even Sing

Do you want BTS to sing this song?

Yoon Jongshin, a renowned songwriter in Korea, currently has a series called “Talgokgi” on his YouTube channel. In this series, he strives to write a song for BTS.

But there’s a catch. There was no contract or deal or promise between Yoon Jongshin and BTS. BTS might not even know that Yoon Jongshin is writing a song for them.

Yoon Jongshin just decided he would write a song for BTS, and he’s doing it!

Regardless of whether they want it or not, I’m making a song for them.

– Description of Ep.1 of Talgokgi

Further into the series, he explains why he chose to write for BTS.

BTS’s style of music is somewhat on the other end of the spectrum from my style of music…so I thought they would be a good pick for my project.

– Yoon Jongshin, Ep.3 of Talgokgi

Throughout the episodes, Yoon Jongshin studies BTS by listening to their music, watching their music videos, and searching up information about the messages they convey through their songs, and works on writing his song for them.

In the latest episode (Ep.9) revealed on the 2nd of January, he revealed his process of writing lyrics.

I’m going write the lyrics, keeping in mind to try to think about what thoughts they [BTS] have in life and what messages these international stars will be good at conveying.

– Yoon Jongshin, Ep.9 of Talgokgi

He expressed his thoughts on what it must be like to live as BTS, as a world famous idol group.

Would BTS be happy 24/7? I think it’d be quite hard… The pressure. I think these guys could be lonely, in the sense that it would be harder to find happiness in the little things of everyday life.

– Yoon Jongshin, Ep.9 of Talgokgi

He also talked about the hardships they must face.

They dance and sing, but telling a message at the same time, that’s a difficult thing to do.

– Yoon Jongshin, Ep.9 of Talgokgi

In the end, he decided on “nervousness” and “self-esteem” as the two keywords for his lyrics. For the title, he decided to go with “나도 그래(Me Too)”.

Yoon Jongshin also told the viewers a sort of disclaimer, saying BTS probably wouldn’t sing this song.

I’m working with them [BTS] as my muse, but it’s highly unlikely they’ll actually sing this song. It’s probably better and funnier if you think of BTS as a virtual customer.

– Yoon Jongshin, EP.9 Talgokgi

A.R.M.Ys have commented on Yoon Jongshin’s Talgokgi series, cheering him on and giving support.

  • Bangtan also values the same principles that Yoon Jong Shin-nim has…The keywords he used reminded me of how Bangtan really writes lyrics.
  • You think similarly to BTS~
  • Thank you. It’s interesting how what you say links to what BTS likes to say too.

While Yoon Jongshin himself has admitted it’s unlikely that BTS will sing the song he makes, don’t you think it would be cool if it actually happens?

Watch Episode 9 of Yoon Jongshin’s Talgokgi here:

Source: Newsen