Yoon Kyun Sang, Oh Na Ra, and More Become Free Agents After Agency Announces Shut Down

They will be looking for new agencies.

Actors Yoon Kyun Sang, Oh Na Ra, and many more will be becoming free agents after it was announced their agency, Popeye Entertainment, will be shutting down.


A representative from Popeye Entertainment confirmed the news to Star News.

Whether it is the end of October or early November, Popeye Entertainment will effectively be shutting down business.

We cannot comment on the actors as it is their personal business.

— Popeye Entertainment


Other than Yoon Kyun Sang and Oh Na Ra, Popeye Entertainment was home to Kim Mi Kyung, Shin Eun Jung, Oh Seung Hyun, and many more actors.


Insiders have revealed that Yoon Kyun Sang is considering many different options for his next move following the shut down of Popeye Entertainment, including joining a new company, or starting a new one-man agency with his manager.

Source: Star News and Ilgan Sports