Actor Yoon Sang Hyun & His Children Are Joining “The Return of Superman” Family

Who else is excited to see these cuties!

KBS made an exciting announcement on December 30, about a new family joining The Return of Superman!

According to KBS, actor Yoon Sang Hyun and his three beautiful children will be appearing on the program. Yoon San Hyun and his wife Maybee, have a six-year-old daughter Na Gyeom, a four-year-old daughter Na On, and a three-year-old son Hee Sung.

Yoon Sang Hyun shared that he felt this was an opportunity to become a better father without his wife’s help:

I decided to be join program because I wanted to practice taking care of my three children by myself, in the situation my wife can’t help out because of work. I will take this opportunity to fill my lack of knowledge of childcare.

— Yoon Sang Hyun

The family came just in time as Gary and his son Kang Ha Oh have recently decided to say goodbye to the program. Though Gary and Kang Ha Oh will be missed, fans of the show are looking forward to Yoon Sang Hyun and his family!

Yoon Sang Hyun and his children will begin appearing on the show in January 2021.