Trainee Yoon Seobin Kicked Out Of JYP Entertainment and Produce X 101

He has been kicked out.

Following the reports of JYP Entertainment trainee Yoon Seobin being an infamous bully while he was in elementary and middle school, his now former agency has confirmed they have terminated his contract and he will drop out of Produce X 101.

PRODUCE X 101’s Top #1 Ranking Trainee Faces Bully Rumors, Mnet and JYP Responds

Yoon Seobin, whose real name is Yoon Byung Hwi, reportedly also participated in underage smoking and drinking, however those reports remain unverified.

JYP Entertainment confirmed their position on Yoon Seobin in their statement.


This is JYP Entertainment.

We would like to relay our position about trainee Yoon Seobin.

JYP Entertainment has decided to terminate our trainee contract with Yoon Seobin, who was appearing on Mnet’s Produce X 101 as we believe he did not behave in line with company policy. As a result, we are also announcing he will leave the program.

— JYP Entertainment

Mnet has also confirmed this, and plan on editing him out to the best of their ability on future episodes that have already been recorded.

Yoon Seobin will drop out of Produce X 101. We plan on minimizing Yoon Seobin’s exposure on the episodes that have already been filmed so the other trainees who appeared together with him will not be put at a disadvantage.

— Mnet

Source: Newsen and Osen