Yoona receives same “Lifetime Achievement Award” as Lee Seung Gi at graduation ceremony

Netizens are buzzing over Girls’ Generation’s Yoona’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” at Dongguk University which was also awarded coincidentally to her actor boyfriend Lee Seung Gi in the past. 

Currently, Yoona is garnering attention for receiving the same award as Lee Seung Gi did at their respective graduation ceremony at Dongguk University.

On February 24th, Yoona attended the graduation ceremony for the university in Seoul, South Korea, six years after enrolling for the College of Arts back in 2009. What caught the attention of the netizens, however, is the fact that she received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for her contribution and influence in promoting the university.

The coincidental recognition was further linked to Lee Seung Gi’s own graduation ceremony back in 2009.

Meanwhile, the actor received his own “Lifetime Achievement Award” back in 2009 after finishing his degree in International Trade and Commerce.

Source: Dispatch and OSEN