YoonA Names Her All-Time Favorite Girls’ Generation Song

It was not an easy decision to make!

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA revealed which song from her group is her favorite!

YoonA rceently released a TMI interview on her YouTube channel, where she answered all kinds of questions sent by her fans!

One of the questions was about Girls’ Generation’s discography, with a hidden adorable message on the side!

Tell us your favorite Girls’ Generation song. I know this is TMI, but I think watching your face deserves me using my phone data.

YoonA, the center of the girl group forever. I wish you all the luck, meeting good people and doing great works! I’ll pray for you as your fan girl of 7 years.


First thanking the fan for her kind words, YoonA then revealed which songs of Girls’ Generation she loves, listing the group’s 2015 hit song, “Lion Heart” first!

| @SMTOWN/ YouTube

Aw so adorable! Thank you. I tend to listen to “Lion Heart” a lot. That’s just how it is. “Lion Heart” is good.


But after naming “Lion Heart”, YoonA could not stop at only one! Given Girls’ Generation’s extensive discography, she named more and more songs- even their Japanese releases!

| @SMTOWN/ YouTube

I used to like this a lot too; “Back Hug”. I like “Back Hug”. I think fans like “One Afternoon” a lot too!

There’s a lot of good songs in the Japanese albums too. We haven’t performed very often with the songs in the Japanese album; it may be because I don’t listen to it that often, so I love listening to it once in a while.

“Flyers” is good. “GALAXY SUPERNOVA” is good. “Lips” is good, too. “Time Machine” is good too. “Lingua Franca”…I’ll just say them all!


With as many hits songs as the group has, it’s a wonder YoonA was able to list any favorties at all!

Watch her talk fondly about Girls’ Generation’s songs here, from the 5:46 mark onwards!

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