Yoseob Reveals Why You Should Never Ask Idols About Their Love Lives

On February 9, BEAST‘s Yang Yoseob starred on tvN‘s Life Bar and revealed some details about Around Us Entertainment, his dating life, and musical acting career.

On this particular episode of Life Bar, Yang Yoseob gave some updates as to what he had in store for his future, as well as some personal details about idol dating.

When asked about how things were with BEAST and their previous agency, Cube Entertainment, Yoseob revealed they ended their business relationship on amicable terms and provided a little background about Around Us Entertainment.

“Everything was solved amicably with our [previous] agency. Also, the five of us all established our own agency so we’re all CEOs. I’m CEO Yang.”

BEAST Yang Yoseob

Furthermore, Yang Yoseob was the first idol guest of Life Bar; thus, the MC’s were naturally curious as to how idols approach their dating life and relationships. Upon being asked to reveal some information about idol relationships, Yoseob explained,

“To be honest, you don’t really have to ask idols about dating and girlfriends. Because no matter who you ask, they’re going to tell you they don’t have [a girlfriend]. Of course, there are idols who don’t really have one, but there are some who do. [Saying you don’t have a girlfriend] is courtesy [to our fans] as idols. As for me, I’m not dating anyone.”

BEAST Yang Yoseob

The MC’s of Life Bar also acknowledged that Yoseob had established himself as a very talented musical actor on top of being an idol, and asked what kind of actor he aimed to be, where Yoseob outlined how he wanted to be a musical actor who was thankful for the perks of being both an idol and a musical actor, as well as one who would be able to use his popularity as an idol to introduce musicals to a wider audience.

“Whenever I’m asked a question like ‘What kind of actor do you aspire to be?’, a lot of people point fingers at me and claim I’m an idol, not an actor. Others often ask me if I struggle being an idol. Of course, I have sometimes felt that I reached my limit. But there are benefits of being an idol. I try to be thankful for the benefits, but at the same time, I try not to settle. I’ll try my hardest to be an attractive man who can captivate the audience by not neglecting any field I’m involved in.”

BEAST Yang Yoseob

Source: Xports News