You Won’t Believe What North and South Korea Use To Communicate

Everyone knows North Korea and South Korea have an extremely strained relationship, but did you ever wonder how the two countries communicate with each other?

In a recent Reddit post on the popular subreddit, “TIL” which stands for “Today I Learned”, a user described his shock that the two countries primarily use a fax machine in order to communicate!

Linking to Wall Street Journal as a source, the article reads:

North Korea has ramped up the rhetoric against South Korea again through its weapon of choice this year: the fax machine.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry said Friday a letter from the North’s National Defense Commission addressed to the South’s presidential office was faxed early Thursday via the military communication link between the two sides, threatening a “merciless” attack on South Korea.

It looks like North Korea is still pretty old school in their technology, despite having access to the Internet and even phones! Some hilarious comments on Reddit read:

“Is that how they brought down Sony? With a mighty fax machine.” and “Think about the guys receiving that fax on some old-school dot matrix style fax printer: F—-… YOU… SOUTH… KORE… …s—— we’re out of ink.”