BTS Fanboy Bursts Into Tears After Winning V Standee

Everyone at the event struggled to keep their eyes dry too!

A young BTS fanboy is going viral after winning a V standee at an event.

I Heart Kpop Australia, a K-Pop store and café based in Sydney, frequently hosts events and parties. So, they hosted a cup sleeve event/birthday party for V. It included a raffle with the 1st Place prize being a standee of the BTS member.


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♬ Christmas Tree – V

The lucky ARMY who got 1st Place was none other than a young fanboy! He was so excited and overwhelmed that he broke into tears after being awarded the standee.

His older brother was so happy for him, cheering. But when he realized his little brother was crying, he continually checked on him, reassuring him.

The entire crowd struggled to keep their eyes dry, seeing the young ARMY crying. They all couldn’t get over how sweet the moment was.

Finally, after the fanboy was able to stop crying, he received his standee, which was nearly twice his size!

The video went viral immediately after it was posted. Although it has been up for only a few hours, it has 16.6K views at the time of writing.


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♬ Christmas Tree – V

ARMYs could all relate to the young fanboy, and they’re all so happy for him. They also know V would be so happy to see the video.

| @iheartkpopnick/TikTok

Netizens also praised I Heart Kpop Australia for creating a core memory for him as well as the older brother for being so supportive.


BRB, we’re going to go cry now too!

Source: iheartkpopnick

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