Youngjae Couldn’t Resist Showing His Love For GOT7 During His First Solo Relay Dance

Did you notice this sweet gesture?💚

GOT7‘s Youngjae has recently released his first solo mini-album, Colors From Ars, which completes the group’s series of individual member solo releases. While this may be Youngjae’s moment to shine solo, he can’t help but send love to his members whenever he has a chance.

Youngjae aka ARS | @333cyj333/Instagram

During the relay dance for his song “Vibin,” Youngjae crushed his dance moves alongside his backup dancers. However, this impressive dancing isn’t what caught most Ahgases’ eyes. Instead, it was what he did in the background when it wasn’t his turn to dance.

Eagle-eyed fans may have spotted some iconic choreography happening in the upper right side of the video. This is because Youngjae took every chance he got to reference older GOT7 dances.

The first he chose was the group’s 2020 song, “Not By The Moon.”

He initially seemed a bit lost as to which part of the choreography he intended to do, but he nailed it on his second try.

The second choreography he chose hearkened back to an earlier GOT7. Behind his dancers, Youngjae delivered a lighthearted performance of the 2016 bop, “Hard Carry.”

While “Hard Carry” is known for its intensity, Youngjae was able to bring a softness to his performance to match the mood of “Vibin.” This bizarre dichotomy was incredibly charming to watch.

Finally, Youngjae gave a shoutout to the song that got the group their first music show win, “If You Do.”

This heartbreaking song is known for its slick footwork, which Youngjae still kills over six years after its initial release.

However, Youngjae didn’t just give a shoutout through his GOT7 choreography review. He also gave a special hand sign just for his Ahgases who might be watching.

We appreciate Youngjae’s love for GOT7 and want to show that no matter what. To see his full relay dance, check out the video below: