Youngji Makes Her First Move To Reunite With Fans Since KARA Disbandment

Since KARA‘s disbandment in January 2016, member Youngji remained as the only one still under DSP Media. While she has been seen at different public events and new activities, she has finally made a move to reunite with her fans.

On June 10th, Youngji announced the opening of her new V App channel, which will enable her to get closer to her fans through various live streams. A majority of idols have already hopped on the V App trend including EXO, BIGBANG, BTS and more.

Youngji tells fans, “If you’re curious about [my] diverse lifestyle, please love Youngji’s channel on Naver V Live!”

While no specifics have been released regarding her streaming schedule, fans can look forward to seeing Youngji more in the future! Check out her channel here.