Youngji reveals her weight loss to keep up with KARA

KARA‘s maknae, Youngji, reveals her drastic weight loss to keep up with the rest of the members of the group.

On a recent broadcast of Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time on SBS Power FM, KARA featured as the special guest of the day. The girls talked about the differences they experience in their lives prior to and post debut as a popular girl group.

Among many stories, the members’ weight loss have garnered much attention. In particular, Gyuri revealed to have lost 7kg and following Youngji’s confession of losing 10 kg to keep up with KARA.  Youngji commented, “I lost about 10kg, because our unnis have such pretty figures, I am trying hard to catch up.”

Meanwhile, check out what netizens think about their weight loss:

1. [+2,012, -53] She’s suffering because she looks comparatively chubbier next to Goo Hara… even though she’d look fine next to anyone else

2. [+1,788, -69] The group does seem to look better after that whiny kid left to Japan

3. [+1,264, -74] Even after she lost 10 kg, she still stands out when the four of them are standing together for pictures. Just how much skinnier are the other three and how hard do they manage themselves? Goo Hara has always been thin and Gyuri and Seungyeon look waify next to her still too. Just a few years ago, Gyuri was the one looking chubby but she dieted and looks prettier now, along with Seungyeon.
– Youngji is thin enough as she is… it’s just that Goo Hara’s so very thin ㅠㅠㅠ
– I feel bad for Youngji. The other three are super thin but Youngji’s build doesn’t look like she was meant to be that thin.
– You see Goo Hara in real life and she’s not just thin, she looks anorexic..
– They are severely thin.. especially Seungyeon, I’m scared she’ll faint sometimes.
– I think Seungyeon is looking more thin than Hara lately.

4. [+1,153, -70] Didn’t care for Youngji at first but she’s really doing wonders for this group

5. [+125, -6] How in the world did she lose 10 kg just to “keep up”??

Source: TV Report, TV Report via Naver