Singer Younha’s “Event Horizon” Goes Viral And Becomes Latest Fan-Fueled Song To Top Music Charts

Congratulations to the singer!

Younha‘s “Event Horizon,” her single off of her repackaged 6th Album End Theory: Final Edition, is the latest viral song to top charts in the vein of EXID‘s “Up&Down” and Brave Girls‘ “Rollin.”

Younha | @younha_holic/Instagram

The song capped off a viral campaign led by fans and music lovers  by topping the Melon Top100 chart on November 7.

Top100 chart | Melon

Younha’s “Event Horizon” was first released on March 3 as part of her repackaged 6th album, End Theory: Final Edition.

Younha | C9 Entertainment

The song’s first-place finish comes six months after the song first debuted on the Melon Top100 chart and one month after miraculously resurfacing on the chart and placing in 98 on October 4.

The song continued to climb, placing in the Top10 on October 23 before placing first on November 7, 222 days after the song’s debut.

| C9 Entertainment

The song first gained popularity from Younha’s live performances during events and festivals. From there, the song spread through word of mouth.

Younha celebrated the news with her fans, thanking them for this unbelievable feat.

222 days after the release, I’ve topped the chart for the first time in 486 weeks? Is this out of a comic?! (I can’t think of anything cool to say…) Y.Holics, you guys are the best!

— Younha

Netizens took part in the celebrations, congratulating the singer for her number-one single, and expressed how much they loved the song.

  • “The song is so good. Congratulations!”
  • “What a surprise! Congratulations.”
  • “The lyrics are so good.”
  • “Congratulations.”
  • “Congratulations. The song is so good.”
  • “Congratulations, unnie.”
  • “Amazing! LOL.”

Younha is a Korean singer who actually first debuted in Japan, where she was nicknamed the “Oricon Comet” for her rapid rise in Japanese music charts. She debuted in 2006, after which she would shoot to fame with her smash hit “Password 486.” Since then, the singer would win several accolades and established herself as one of Korea’s premiere singer-songwriters.

Haven’t listened to “Event Horizon” yet? Check it out in the link below!

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