“Youth With You 3” Production Team Releases Statement Regarding Finale And Debut Team Cancellation

IQIYI denied rumors of a chosen winning group.

Recently, the Chinese governmental media bureau suspended the finale production for survival show Youth With You 3 following multiple controversies. Now, the production team has released an official statement regarding the show’s cancellation and whether or not winners would be announced.

The Chinese survival show Youth With You became increasingly popular among both C-Pop and K-Pop fans, especially last year when BLACKPINK‘s Lisa joined the cast as chief dance mentor. This year, she returned in her role for the show’s third season. The show’s goal is to narrow down 119 trainees into a 9-member boy group.


IQIYI, a Beijing-based online video platform, posted on its official Weibo page to confirm Youth With You 3‘s finale cancellation. The production team behind the show also debunked rumors circulating that winners were chosen and a group would still be debuting. 

As of now, the production team has decided to stop filming the show and cancel the finale. Up until now, the production team never made any announcements. The information circulating around the internet regarding the formation of a group and the alleged ‘official Weibo posts’ are all untrue.

— “Youth With You 3” Production Team

| @melonsanonymous/Twitter & Weibo

IQIYI had deleted their post. It was then re-uploaded again with the same text.

The finale was originally scheduled to air on May 8. As of now, no finale will be aired, nor will winners will be chosen. 

Source: iQIYI and Image