YouTube Channel Under Fire After Guest Makes Inappropriate Comments Towards Girl Group IVE

Although the creator apologized, the person making the comments has not.

Recently, it seems like an extremely important discussion in K-Pop that has raised concerns is the idea of idols debuting at a young age. It seems like every time a new group debuts, the ages of the members get younger and younger, with many counted as minors.

One of those groups with very young members is IVE.

IVE | Starship Entertainment

The six-member girl group from Starship Entertainment has members all born in the 2000s. The oldest member Gaeul was born in 2002 and youngest member Leeseo was born in 2007.

Despite their young ages, the members showcase a mature performance on the stage and have gained attention for their visuals.


Unfortunately, due to the global popularity of K-Pop and the ability for anyone to watch groups, it has meant that idols have had to endure malicious and disgusting comments.

In particular, a content creator is under fire after making inappropriate comments toward IVE when reacting to their video for “LOVE DIVE.” Three male content creators joined YouTuber Cyndee With a C to watch the video and share their reactions.

At the start of the video, Cyndee shared some information about the group, and it included the fact that all the members are extremely young, but it is seen as normal in Korea.

However, the issue started when the video started, and one of the guests called Ben Jayne made a very inappropriate comment. Although it can’t be heard clearly, it’s obvious that when the video starts, he says, “I don’t care if they’re 16, they can all get it.”

Unsurprisingly, this caused a lot of anger because not only was it sexualizing the members, but the creator knew that the members were all underage and counted as minors, which made it even worse.

When the clip was shared, netizens worldwide shared their disgust at the comment aimed at the young idols.

In particular, those in the RTs shared their disgust at the remarks made by the guest toward the members.

Although the video was initially posted two weeks ago, the video recently gained attention, and the owner of the channel posted an apology video. When the unedited clip was played, the original version showed Cyndee getting extremely angry and annoyed at her guest for the comment.

Even though he apologized, he had a smile on his face, and why she was angry was never touched upon.

After showing the original and unedited footage, Cyndee explained that she didn’t want to condone what was said in the video.

It was wrong. It was horrible. We had so many arguments during filming that video because he was drunk and saying all this crazy stuff, and I had to edit out all of this stuff. I’m sorry that I left it in

— Cyndee

She then apologized again explaining that she understood why netizens were sharing their anger.

I really just apologize to anyone else who is affected by his actions and his drunk remarks. There’s no excuse for what he said and for anything. I understand why you’re upset.

— Cyndee

Although the owner of the channel apologized for leaving the moment in the video and explained her outrage at the initial comment, netizens in the comments believe that Ben Jayne should apologize. Others believe the apology wasn’t sincere and pointed out she continues to associate herself with the person.

After the video was posted, the person who said those comments has not yet responded to the criticism.

Source: Cyndee With a C and Cyndee With a C - Apology