YouTube Korea Reveals The Most Searched Female Idols So Far In 2022— Here Are The Top Five

Did your bias make this list?

On May 23, YouTube Korea revealed the five most-searched female idols on its platform in 2022 thus far. See which of your favorite stars made the list and which ones surprised you.

Winter | @aespa_official/Instagram

5. Karina (aespa)

Coming in fifth is Karina. The aespa member has maintained her status as one of the leading ladies of the fourth generation. Despite not releasing any new songs, Karina is receiving steady love from Korean netizens. Fresh off the group’s wonderful stage on Coachella, is it any wonder why she is loved so much?

Karina | @aespa_official/Instagram


The fourth most searched female idol is none other than BLACKPINK‘s ROSÉ. The singer has garnered a cult following for her sultry vocals as well as her bubbly personality. The singer is especially loved in Korea for her physique and trademark blonde hair. Many fans are awaiting her and BLACKPINK’s much-anticipated return later this year.

Rosé | @Roses_are_rosies/Instagram


Accompanying ROSÉ on the list is fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie coming in third. This global fashion icon has quickly won over the hearts of Koreans and is considered a top visual in her generation. Often a large focus of domestic media outlets, it seems every week she is the focal point of rumors or is making news for her fashion. Known as a ‘one of one,’ the idol has carved out an identity truly unique to the icon in Korea and internationally.

Jennie Kim | @jennyrubyjane/Instagram


Second, on the list is IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung. The most recent to debut on this list, the IVE member, has inherited the torch of the leading lady of her generation. The singer has made a splash since her debut late last year. She has since forged a path of her own, drawing in Korea’s entertainment industry into her gravitational pull. The center of one of the most anticipated fourth-generation groups finds herself among the center of K-Pop itself.

Jang Wonyoung | @for_everyoung10/Instagram


And coming in first, proving her longevity in an industry that creates stars as fast as they dim their novas, is second-generation stalwart Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation. Just months after releasing her absolute classic album INVU, the singer is enjoying her latest reign as K-Pop’s queen. From hosting Mnet‘s Queendom 2 to her weekly appearance on tvN‘s Amazing Saturday, the usually reserved self-proclaimed hermit, has been gracing K-Pop fans more often, and we are all the better for it.

Taeyeon | @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

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