YouTube Personality Choi Joon Thanks BTS’s Jimin For Impersonating Him On “You Quiz On The Block”

Choi Joon is one lucky guy!

YouTube personality Choi Joon (comedian Kim Haejun) posted a message on two of his three Instagram accounts, thanking BTS’s Jimin for impersonating his signature voice.

Recently, BTS made a guest appearance on tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block and played a game where they had to guess the song they were dancing to without any sound.

Cute world star Jimin-ssi. You are already a star. Just look in the mirror. I am just in awe that you expressed Joon-ie.

⁠— Choi Joon

As if once wasn’t enough, he took to his main Instagram account to post it again!

I think I’ll be just fine even if I don’t eat or sleep for awhile! Thank you so much! #BTS #iloveyou

⁠— Choi Joon

The song that Jimin was impersonating was originally a song titled “Let’s Go See The Stars” sung by singer JUKJAE.

Choi Joon is a personality that comedian Kim Hae Jun plays for the YouTube channel Psick University.


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