YouTube Creator Safiya Nygaard & Hubby Tyler Share Their Favorite K-Pop Group

This couple has fantastic taste.

Safiya Nygaard is a well-known YouTube creator with 9.19 million subscribers. On her channel, she regularly uploads over half-hour long videos on a variety of topics, from wearing unusual fashion trends for a week, to mixing tons of different makeup products together, to once even getting a K-Pop makeover!

She and her husband, Tyler Williams, also share a livestreaming channel on the platform called Safiya & Tyler. With 500k subscribers on this account, they go live every Tuesday evening at 5PM EST and always have some creative idea planned to entertain their viewers.

There’s no doubt that Safiya and Tyler are much-loved and positively viewed YouTubers. It’s also well-known that they enjoy K-Pop and Korean culture!

During their most recent livestream, the couple mentions a couple of different K-Pop groups that they’ve been listening to lately, including BLACKPINK and Brave Girls.


However, Safiya said that the group they’ve been listening to the most recently is ATEEZ!

I think the group that we listen to that I feel like people don’t talk a lot about is ATEEZ.

Tyler mentioned that they discovered the group while looking up “trendsetters” and happened to come across a relevant article discussing Hongjoong‘s mullet back in the “Say My Name”/”HALA HALA” era of the group.

As soon as they brought up ATEEZ, their chat was quickly flooded with positive messages about the group!


While they said that they hesitate to call themselves “fans” or “stans” of the groups mentioned because they don’t consider themselves that knowledgeable about them, it’s clear by the artists they’ve been listening to that Safiya and Tyler have great taste in music!


And with such a large platform, hopefully their mention of ATEEZ will bring more much-deserved attention and popularity to the fourth-generation boy group.

Watch the couple talk about their favorite K-Pop music here!

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