YouTube’s Lineup Schedule For “Dear Class Of 2020”: Here’s When BTS Will Be On

Here’s what time you should tune in to see BTS.

Are you ready to graduate with BTS? The ceremony is coming up soon!

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, students are missing out on attending graduation ceremonies with their classmates. As such, virtual celebrations are taking place online, including YouTube‘s “Dear Class of 2020” event on June 6. BTS will be attending this virtual graduation ceremony as speakers, along with other celebrities and political figures.

YouTube has now released the lineup schedule for the ceremony, which will be grouped into five “blocks”. BTS will be appearing in two of these blocks. In Block 2, they will be speaking to the graduating class after Alicia Keys and before Colin Jost.

BTS will also be the final featured guest artist performing for Block 5, the “grad party”. A grad party with BTS? It’s a dream come true!

The graduation ceremony begins at 3 PM, so make sure to tune into the live stream! You won’t want to miss this.