YouTuber Receives Backlash After Seemingly Justifying “Single’s Inferno” Ji A’s Knock-Off Controversy

She never mentions Ji A, but netizens think everything is too coincidental.

Beauty YouTuber Ji A has recently become the target of severe backlash following her recent fake designer controversy. While the Single’s Inferno breakout star continues to navigate through all the criticisms and malicious comments, however, there was one particular person who has seemingly stood up for her knock-off decisions.

“Single’s Inferno” contestant Ji A wearing a knock-off Chanel dress | Netflix

Fellow beauty YouTuber, who goes by 제리뽀 or Jerrybbo, uploaded a YouTube video discussing the ongoing issue at hand. While she never addressed Single’s Inferno‘s Ji A by name anywhere in the video, it became evidently clear to viewers that Jerrybbo was tackling the controversy—and it is not being received positively.

Jerrybbo started off the video with, what should have been, a clear message—her YouTube video was not “advocating for anyone” nor was she justifying the purchases of knock-off goods.

YouTuber Jerrybbo | @제리뽀 젤튜브/YouTube

I wanted to make this video due to the ongoing controversies surrounding fake or knock-off items. But before I begin, I wanted everyone to know that I am not advocating for anyone nor am I saying that it’s okay to purchase fake designer items.

— @제리뽀 제리튜브/YouTube

However, despite her disclaimer in the beginning of the video, many viewers had an issue with her content due to her seemingly hypocritical comments. Just moments after her introductory disclaimer, Jerrybbo immediately began her video by sharing her personal stance on designer items, while admitting to “[owning] a few fake designer items.”

| @제리뽀 젤튜브/YouTube

I like designer brands and I do own a few fake designer items.

— @제리뽀 제리튜브/YouTube

Now here’s where the video gets a little confusing. While the YouTuber previously stated that she was not “advocating for anyone” nor was she justifying fake designer goods, Jerrybbo began to almost justify the reasons why some people, including herself, seek knock-off items.

| @제리뽀 젤튜브/YouTube

The reason why people buy fake designer items is pretty straight forward. There’s really only one reason. It might be because someone doesn’t have enough money, but it’s also because some people think it’s a waste of money.

For me personally, I thought they [real designer items] were unreasonably priced, which is why I bought the fake items.

— @제리뽀 제리튜브/YouTube

And while her statement made sense, netizens had a problem with it since it went against her previous comment about the non-justification of fake designer goods. Jerrybbo elaborated further by sharing her thoughts on people who say, “well if you don’t have the money, then don’t buy it.”  She admitted that she “agree[s]” with the statement, but it was her concluding comment that became problematic.

| @제리뽀 젤튜브/YouTube

To the people who say, ‘well if you don’t have the money, then don’t buy it’ or ‘if you think it’s a waste of money, don’t buy it’—I totally agree. If someone doesn’t have the money for it or believes it’s a waste of money, they shouldn’t buy the goods. But what are you to do when it’s so pretty and you really want it?

— @제리뽀 제리튜브/YouTube

In the next part, Jerrybbo, who made it clear that she was not advocating for anybody, specifically mentioned a “fake Chanel dress”—which was one of the very clothing items that Single’s Inferno‘s Ji A was called out for. She also referred to the “golden spoon” persona, which also became synonymous with Ji A’s brand.

| @제리뽀 젤튜브/YouTube

So let’s say someone wore a fake Chanel dress. I’ll admit that yes, it’s a mistake since it’s a knock-off item so I won’t give any excuses for that. However, the reason why someone may wear a fake Chanel dress is not because they want others to think they’re a golden spoon (someone born in wealth) or that they’re well off. They most likely wore it because the dress was pretty and because it looked good on them.

Everyone is so quick to think that if someone wears a knock-off, it’s because they’re ‘pretending’ to be something they’re not or it’s because they’re ‘making up for their low self-esteem.’ While this might be the case in some instances, it’s not the case all the time.

— @제리뽀 제리튜브/YouTube

White knock-off Chanel dress worn by Ji A on “Single’s Inferno” | Netflix

Following the upload of her video, Jerrybbo began getting accused of standing up for Ji A, even though she never once mentioned the Single’s Inferno star’s name. Korean netizens began to bombard the YouTuber with malicious comments, calling her an “attention wh*re” for talking about the subject.

| theqoo
  • “It’s still vain if you buy a fake designer item because it was so pretty, but the real thing was too expensive. What is she talking about.”
  • “So you don’t have money, but you want to pretend like you do so you buy knock-offs anyways. How is that not catering to other people’s opinions. What kind of free-spirit is she. So disgusting.”
  • “Hahaha she just seems like an attention wh*re.”
  • “Attention wh*re.”
  • “If you want to buy something because it’s pretty, but the cost is too much, isn’t it right for someone to not buy it? If you still buy it at the end of the day, that’s vanity.”
  • “It’s one thing if you buy a no brand item, but a fake designer item is pathetic.”

The malicious comments became so intense, that Jerrybbo eventually disabled the comment section in her YouTube video…

Comments disabled under Jerrybbo’s video | @제리뽀 젤튜브/YouTube

…as well as on her Instagram page.

Instagram comments limited on Jerrybbo’s page | @jerry.n.jelly/Instagram

You can watch Jerrybbo’s entire video addressing the fake designer controversy down below.

Source: WikiTree and theqoo