Popular YouTuber Indicted For False Advertisement, Prosecutors Seek 6-Month Sentence

He was indicted for false/exaggerated advertisement.

On July 18, prosecutors sought a 6-month prison sentence for popular YouTuber, Banzz (Jeong Man Soo), for false/exaggerated advertisement.


Banzz is a popular mukbang Youtuber who has accumulated over 3 million subscribers.


Prosecutors stated that Banzz had deceived consumers by advertising a product as falsely having effects for reducing body fat.

The defendant made an advertisement that deceived or confused consumers by stating that the food product he was selling helped reduce body fat.

ㅡ Prosecutor


In response, Jeong Man Soo claimed that he had no intention of deceiving consumers and pleaded innocent.

He only posted the reviews of ordinary users who used the food product on Facebook.

ㅡ Jeong Man Soo’s lawyer

It was my first time running a business so I thought there were aspects that were lacking. I didn’t upload the Facebook post for advertisement purposes, but just because I was happy to see reviews from users that it was effective for dieting.

ㅡ Jeong Man Soo


Jeong Man Soo was indicted for false/exaggerated advertisement of the food product he was selling on Eat4U, a health functional food product company that he esablished.

Meanwhile, Jeong Man Soo’s final trial will be hld on August 12.

Source: Yonhap News