YouTuber Criticized For “Sexually Harassing” Red Velvet Irene’s Cut-Out

“It’s so f*cking gross that I want to throw up.”

Korean YouTuber who goes by the name Dukchul came under fire after uploading a video where he went around with a poster cut-out of Red Velvet‘s Irene and pretending she was his girlfriend.

Dukchul went around a populated street with Irene’s cut-out as he began to shame her weight in what appeared to be a joke. He said, “Why are you so heavy? You need to go on a diet. You’re disgustingly heavy. Instead of going to eat, you need to go exercise.

He also shamed the cut-out for wearing something too sexual and making other men stare. “Honey, why did you dress so vulgarly? Other men are staring. Don’t wear something like this again, okay?

Dukchul also pretended to give Irene a kiss on the streets while going out on a “date” with her. The people passing by were shocked and weirded out by his actions.

Dukchul is a Korean YouTuber who makes social experimental videos where he goes up to random people while secretly filming their exchanges. He has over 269,000 subscribers so far.

Dukchul received heavy criticisms on his video as many Reveluvs were “disgusted” by his actions towards Irene even if it was her cut-out. They demanded that he apologize and take down the video.

Source: Nate Pann

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